You change all the time. Everything changes you. But things that are shit don’t actually change you that much, apart from just getting on your nerves, because you’ve heard it all before. But when it’s something different, it actually will change you. That’s what I’m interested in. That’s the whole point.

What a time to be alive

  • Me: WTF, brb moving to Wyoming and marrying some lawyer.
  • Xin: This makes me question why should I even bother becoming a lawyer.
  • Me: Because you love it. That's really the best you can do. Carve out a little sliver of happiness in this bullshit world.
  • Xin: TRUE! But i would like to be rich while i do it too.
  • Me: I was BORN to be rich. I think my check got lost in the mail :(
  • Xin: LMAO